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Doctor Secrets! was born on July 2nd 2002 after more than two years of thinking of doing it, wanting to do it, being able do it, and finally just doing it. Ironically, this web site's birthday makes it a 'Cancer' horoscope. What's your sign? :)

On that day in health history, DS! was registered by Dr.Sal with giving it an address anyone, anywhere, anytime could find it on the world wide web.

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doctor secrets cartoon

The original plans for the site stretched over a meter of handwritten doodles outlining its proposed future compiled over the preceding two years. Inspiration for the web site came from real patient questions and encounters.

original plans

After registration, type content was created on an old version of Macromedia's Dreamweaver and uploaded one by one to a free Netfirms account. Clinical images for the site were taken with an inexpensive Blink digital camera and edited in an early version of Adobe Photoshop. Cartoons were hand drawn and scanned prior to cleaning and coloring, also in Photoshop. Animations were done with GIF Movie Gear. It was a work of love.

The desktop workstation which made all that possible ran on a pentium 300 MMX from Dr.Sal's bedroom.

computer workstation

Today the site has grown and now runs from a large network with millions of viewers since inception. Thank you for helping DS! grow to serve you.

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