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Dr.Sal by day is a family physician at a busy family practice. By night, Dr.Sal puts down his stethoscope and picks up his keyboard to share his health insights with the world beyond his clinic.


Dr.Sal received his medical doctorate at the University of West Indies and completed his specialty in Family Practice in Canada. He has worked in the Caribbean, United Kingdom, and Canada.


The aim of this site is to make medical concepts easy to understand to empower the general public as consumers of health care. Doctors often do not have enough time in a clinical setting to tell you everything that they know, and that you should know. These "doctor secrets" are captured here.


This site began in 2003 in his bedroom as a medical student eager to share what he'd most recently learnt on rounds. He painstakingly did the coding and cartoons himself. Some of this work is now outsourced but most is still created from his home office at twilight. All articles on the site are authored by Dr.Sal.

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