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I love teaching what I know to my patients. Through the magic of the internet I can now spread the insider secrets that I impart to my patients sitting in front of me to persons all over the world sitting in front of computers that I have never met but now can help. By day I work as a family physician and have been doing so for a decade. By night and holidays when the sharing bug bites me, I write these articles and produce public service videos delivered by Youtube on relevant medical topics. I did my medical training by way of the Caribbean, United Kingdom, and Canada.

I began this site circa 2003 from my bedroom near the end of medical school teaching myself to code along the way. It was also through medical school that I picked up a love for cartooning. I found it easier to remember symptom clusters if I could draw a funny picture of them than by rote memory. I even recall on one anatomy exam passing it by answering all the questions by illustration only - no text! I still find humor and cartoon optics a valuable means of passing know how to my patients and frequently use the paper roll on my exam table as a sprawling canvas to draw concepts out.

My aim in producing this site is to empower people on medical matters by sharing experience, tips and strategies that might help you that their own doctors may not have the time or patience to share. Knowledge is power.

So without further rambling, how may I help you? Check out the index for a full list of articles I've completed for you, or click over next door to Youtube.com/doctorsecrets for health help videos... Stay healthy, hale, and hearty - Dr.Sal


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