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Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed

Celebrities are paid to be the most beautiful people in the world. But have you ever looked at their photos before they became stars? Many were ugly ducklings. Celebrities struggle with their weight, pimples, stretch marks, age spots etc just as much as anyone else. Stars feel the gravity of McDonalds and the Cola culture just as much as you or I. So how do they remake themselves so beautiful?

Their secrets boil down to specialized beauty services which we outline here - with cheaper alternatives. The biggest celebrity beauty secret is having a big budget. If you've ever watched Beauty Makeovers you can see for yourself that anyone can jump several beauty grade points with enough cash pushing them forward.

So here are the Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

  • Regular exercise with a personal trainer. The benefit of a personal cheerleader / trainer can't be overemphasized. Having a trainer motivates you, keeps you disciplined in your routine, and they keep track of your calories, goals and progress. Much of this you can do for yourself and most gyms have a trainer that you can hire for a couple sessions to teach you how to count your calories and adjust your workout to achieve your aims.
  • A makeup and wardrobe team. Many makeup counters have attendants experienced in makeup application that can give you valuable pointers for free. And higher end store attendants can give you color scheme and clothing cuts advice.
  • Dental work. When stars smile their teeth are often so white as to be blinding. These milky pearls are made, not born. Celebrities spend thousands for caps and laser whitening. But you can bleaching your own teeth with over the counter preps for the price of a night out e.g. Crest whitening strips.
  • Plastic surgery. I once heard "show me a star who hasn't been under the knife and I'll show you a liar". The Adult Entertainment industry is built on silicone implants. But there are inexpensive ways to augment breasts and tushes with bra lifts and pads, and bum pads, and girdles and stockings to increase hip curves and flatten cellulite without paying thousands for plastic surgery.
  • Photoshop. Image editing software is the fastest way to lose ten pounds in 10 seconds. Of course this won't help you for a face to face date but for a business card or social media photo this can do all the above - chisel your body, bling your teeth, tummy tuck etc with a few clicks of a mouse.

So there you go. Now you can look like a celebrity too.

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