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Heart Beats in a Lifetime

Number of Heart Beats in a Lifetime Calculator

Use our easy calculator below to calculate, on average, how many times your heart has beat in your lifetime so far.

The number of heart beats in a lifetime of a 75 year old human with an average heart rate of 70 beats per minutes, is an astounding two and three quarter billion beats!

The number of heart beats in a persons lifetime differs for each person as much heights do. Heart beat rates also vary by activity. When sleeping your heat beat slows, and when you exercise or feel scared your heart beat speeds up to get blood around faster.

Your resting heart beat (like while reading this article) is your baseline heart rate where you will spend most of your life revved at. That rate is what we'll use to calculate your heart beats in your lifetime so far.

heart beats lifetime calculator

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It's hard to believe how many times your heart beats in a lifetime! Your heart is a very resilient form of muscle found nowhere else in your body. Its structure is different from skeletal muscle providing it with phenomenal stamina. If our limb muscles were made of it, we could run 24 hour marathons without feeling tired or sore - but would also need to spend a large part of our day just eating to keep up.

As amazing as our human heart muscles are, their performance pales in comparison to some of our mammalian cousins e.g. a Husky on a 30 km race can sustain heart beats up to 300 beats per minute over long periods without arresting. And a hummingbird's heart beat can reach as high as 1,250 beats per minute!

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