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How to Become a Doctor

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How to Become a Doctor

How to become a doctor is very competitive. There are many more applicants trying to become doctors than there are training spots at medical schools by a factor of 2 to 1. Because of this oversupply of eager students, medical colleges can be very picky about who they'll invest their resources to train. Because medical school involves a lot of science reading, the strongest determining factor of whether you will be accepted to become a doctor is your grade performance at college in a science background - i.e. biology, chemistry and physics or mathematics. This means that working hard to become a doctor from early at college, and toward a science major, increases your chances of landing a place in medical school and becoming a doctor. But not all medical schools have the same criteria for admission. If you shop around you can find some which take into consideration work experience in related fields such as nursing or physiotherapy, and others which which will accept a liberal arts background. One option is to point your finger at a medical school you'd want to

If all else fails, and you can't get into a medical school in your area and you're determined to become a doctor, your next option is to look away from home to 'offshore' medical schools. There are many more doctor schools outside your country which might have surplus doctor positions open. And you can return home later to work at your own hospital after sitting your State board exams. An easy way to start is to take out a map and ask yourself, "where would be a cool place for me to study for the next five years?" Suppose you came up with an area like the Caribbean "'cause it's warm and has great beaches," use a search engine like to find out what medical schools are available in the area of interest - and be sure they are accredited.

Requirements to Become a Doctor

To become a doctor you need permission to practice from the medical council of your country. This body requires that you have spent a certain number of years in study and supervised practice at a recognized institution. If your grades and experience are satisfactory to the medical council your name is then placed on their medical register of persons licensed to practice and you become a doctor in their country.

Schooling to Become a Doctor

Medical schools are usually affiliated with colleges, their physical location, building structures, and student life tend therefore to be similar. However there are differences. Notably, a real hospital setting is used at some point for practical experience toward the end of your training and long hours are spent there to prepare you for the rigors of becoming a doctor. Also the volume of reading you'll be expected to cover to become a doctor will leave you with time

Studying to become a doctor is typically a four year program - sometimes longer or shorter by country. The first few years are spent acquiring basic medical 'book' knowledge while the latter are spent developing real-life practical doctor skills and interacting with patients.

Is it ever too late to Become a Doctor

No. You can become a doctor at any age, but your chances are far better the earlier you apply. Over 90% of successful applicants to medical school are between 21 and 28 years old. Some doctors have started as late as their early 50's successfully but this represents a slim 0.01% chance.

Years to Become a Doctor

This is variable. But assuming continuous study with no breaks, and an undergraduate degree of 4 years pre-med, the entire process from entering college to becoming a doctor in North America is 8 years. Additional time is then needed to specialize ranging from 2 years for family medicine, to 7 years for cardiology and 5 years for most other specialties.

Can I Become a Doctor

There are a number of traits you need to become a doctor. Some of these are: logical, meticulous, disciplined, caring, and being a team player. The most important trait of a doctor is discipline. Many students start out with varying degrees of strengths but without the discipline to come to class/work everyday, to push yourself when it's uncomfortable, and to stick to your books, you won't become a doctor even if you're a genius! The other traits of successful doctors can be formed during Medical School itself. Doctors BECOME Doctors, they are not born doctors.

Cost to Become a Doctor

The educational debt cost to become a doctor is around $110,000 total. Federal loans are typically available with interest deferment to after graduation, and 6 months to 1 year grace periods after this graduation. Repayment is about $1500 per month after graduation and usually manageable for graduates earning a typical doctor's salary of between $100,000 and $250,000 per year.

After Becoming a Doctor What is the Average Doctor Salary

An average doctor salary after you become a doctor is widely variable depending on your personal speed, specialty chosen, full time or part time practice and on call hours worked or not. There are also different renumeration models such as fee for service (the more patients you see the more you're paid), salaried (you see however many come through the door), and insurance retainers (the less patients you see the more pay you retain). This link breaks down average doctor salaries by state. A rough salary average at time of writing would be $130,000 per year for family doctors, and $250,000 and greater for surgical specialties.

Quitters never Win, and Winners never Quit!

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