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What Tools does a Doctor Use?

To the right is an example of the TOOLS Used by an "average doctor tools doctor": 1 = a pressure cuff for taking blood, 2 = a stethoscope for listening to body sounds, 3 = a calculator for adjusting drug doses, 4 = a tape measure, 5 = a personal organizer/pda, 6 = an otoscope to look in ears, 7 = an ophthalmoscope to examine eyes, 8 = a light, 9 = a patella hammer for checking reflexes, 10 = a name tag and pen of choice - 'cause we write a lot!

It's important to remember that specialists will carry different tools to work and some doctors don't even use stethoscopes - for example a dermatologist doesn't need to listen to your skin. And other instruments are so big, like ultrasounds, they're left at work. And of course, the most important tool a doctor must carry to work each day is their brain :)

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