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This article is on where you can look for FREE MEDICAL ANSWERS TO YOUR MEDICAL QUESTIONS. Because of legal action most medical web sites and doctors are afraid to answer medical questions by e-mail, the web, or phone - and even if they do answer, time constraints lead to brief vague answers.

But every doctor was a layperson just like you when they started and had to teach themselves medicine. You too can research the answers to your medical questions and problems. The answers are out there!

Here's where to find Answers to your Medical Questions:

Library: this is a treasure trove! But the biggest problem is knowing what to look for. If you already have a diagnosis from your doctor such as 'diabetes' then that's what to look for. If you don't know the medical term for your medical question then search by affected body area. For example, if your nails are discolored search for a book on nail diseases. And don't forget your friendly librarian for guidance.

Here's some of the textbooks DS! gets Medical Answers from:
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine by Isselbacher et al.
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine by Hope et al.
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties by Collier et al.
The Doctors Book of Home Remedies 2 by Kirchheimer et al.
The Washington Manual of Surgery by Doherty et al.
The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics by Ahya et al.

Web sites: many medical web sites do not require you to be a healthcare practitioner to access and read their literature. A quick search under for your diagnosis or "medical answers" is a good start. Of course pay-for medical answers sites will give you the best answers tailor made to your medical question and some are actually quite reasonable in cost considering the benefit gained and time saved.

Your family doctor: this is the best place to start with medical questions because this doctor knows you best and can start you off with a diagnosis and summary of the most important answers to your medical questions. Once you have a diagnosis then it's easy to read up on it.

Your Hospital: after hours, your local Accident and Emergency department is staffed with highly trained physicians and nurses 24 hours a day. In smaller centres many will give answers to your emergency medical questions by phone or can direct you to phone hotline programs that do.

Please note: does NOT give individual medical advice due to legal constraints. If you need a personal medical question answered please check with

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