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Bleeding Inside Ear

Bleeding inside your ear can be scary. Fortunately the majority of cases look worse than they actually are.

Causes for Bleeding Inside Ear

  • Home ear cleaning. Probably the most common cause for bleeding inside ears is people cleaning or scratching the inside of their ear canals with sharp fingernails, toothpicks, or q-tips which scratch or cut the surface skin.
  • Infections of the outer ear can lead to enough irritation and swelling of the underlying skin to cause bleeding with contact. Middle ear infections can lead to a pressure build up which can ultimately lead to rupture and bleeding of the ear drum if not treated.
  • Rarely sonic shockwave blasts from explosions or dramatic pressure changes during diving can rupture the ear drum leading to bleeding.
  • Tumors of the ear can present with bleeding. Fortunately these are rare.
  • Severe head trauma can lead to fractures of the bones encompassing the ear leading to bleeding trickling out of the ear canal.
  • Foreign objects stuck in the ear can lead to irritation and eventual light bleeding from the ear.
  • Blood thinners like aspirin or warfarin can predispose you to an ear bleed with trivial contact with the ear such as itching with your finger.

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Symptoms of Bleeding Inside Ear

  • There may be pain from the cause of the bleed.
  • Red blood streaks or flow.
  • Reduced hearing.

Bleeding Inside Ear Treatment

Bleeding from the ear should prompt a visit to your doctor where they can promptly look inside the ear with an otoscope and tell you whether this is a serious or minor cause and offer treatment.

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