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Ear Wax Cleaning

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EAR WAX or ear 'cerumen' is made by the skin lining the canals of your ears. Ear wax is natural and protects your ears from dust and insects. Ear wax is swept along from the inside of your ear canals to the outside preventing wax build up. But times it's not pushed out as fast as it's made causing it to build up into a deafening ear plug

Ear Wax Symptoms

  • Itchy ear canals.
  • Deafness.
  • Ear pain.
  • Ear infections.

Ear Wax Cleaning

  • Drop 2 drops of lukewarm baby oil each night to soften the wax out.
  • Or try hydrogen peroxide 2 drops into each ear once a day to fragment the wax.
  • Irrigate the ear canal with a rubber ear syringe (over-the-counter from pharmacies) and lukewarm water over a sink - follow the instructions that come with the syringe.
  • Try a commercial peroxide based ear cleaner from your pharmacist e.g. Murine or Debrox.

Doctor Secrets! "Never use paper clips, tweezers, cotton swabs, or a water pick to clean your ear wax as you can tear your ear drums at the end of the ear canal! Ear candling has been scientifically proven to be fraudulent. If you can't get clean out your ear wax at home, head to your friendly family doctor who can clean out the wax for you with water irrigation using an ear syringe".

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