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Sinusitis Symptoms, Sinusitis Treatment

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Sinusitis Cause

Sinusitis is caused by infection of the air space sinuses of your face. Behind your brow line and behind each cheek are hollow cavities called sinuses. They reduce the weight of your skull and resonate your voice like speaker boxes. The sinuses are lined by moist tissue like the inside of your mouth and can be infected by germs.

Sinusitis Symptoms

The symptoms of sinusitis can range from:

  • Pain over the face and forehead. The nerves which supply your sinuses also supply your ears and teeth which can cause sinusitis pain to sometimes feel as if it is coming from your cheeks, upper teeth or ears.
  • Frontal forehead headaches when the frontal sinuses are affected.
  • Runny nose. In bacterial sinusitis this forward flow is typically green or yellow.
  • Post nasal drip with a scratchy throat as gooey material from your sinuses slides backwards down your throat.
  • Stuffy nose from blocked nostrils and swollen sinuses..
  • Hoarse voice from sinus slime cascading onto your vocal cords.
  • Throbbing pain on leaning forward from pressure in your sinuses.
  • Fever.
  • Malaise.
  • Upset stomach from swallowing snot.

Sinusitis Treatment

  • Antibiotics kill bacteria which live on mucus in sinusitis.
  • Saline nose rinses e.g. Neti pot help by washing out bacteria and snot from sinusitis.
  • Steam inhalation treatment works by making snot runny making it easier to blow out through your nose.
  • Steroid anti inflammatory nasal sprays treat sinusitis by turning off your sinus taps i.e. drying out the sinus cavities by slowing mucus production.
  • In rare cases of refractory or recurrent sinusitis, surgical treatment to open up and aerate the sinuses may be undertaken.

Sinusitis Home Remedies

  • Saline nose irrigation
  • Steam Inhalation
  • Neti Pot

Doctor Secrets! "Giving up smoking can reduce the frequency and severity of sinusitis attacks."

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