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Swimmers Ear Remedies

Swimmers Ear Cause

Swimmers ear is an infection of your outter ear canal caused by bacteria floating in water reaching your ear passage during diving and swimming and growing there.

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Swimmers Ear Symptoms

  • Pain in your ear
  • Toothache in your upper back molars
  • Ear discharge yellow or green pus
  • Muffled hearing

Swimmers Ear Remedies

  • Use swimmers ear drops to kill bacteria in your ear canal. They are available over the counter.
  • Swimmers ear plugs keep water with bacteria out of your ear, especially when diving.
  • Prevent swimmers ear by drying your ear canal with a hair dryer set on low heat directed at your ear canal after each swim.
  • Or put two drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide diluted by 50 percent with water into your ear after each swim to kill obnoxious bacterial.
  • Don't swim in stagnant lakes or pools without chlorine.

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