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Broken Bone Symptoms

broken bone symptoms cartoon

Broken Bone Symptoms

  • Pain when you move the broken area.
  • Bruising of the skin above.
  • Swelling over the broken bone.
  • Tenderness over the broken bone.
  • Shortening of the broken limb from overlapping of the two ends of the bone.
  • Snapping bone sound at injury or grating sound of bone ends rubbing after.
  • Unable to support your weight standing in fractures from the waist down.
  • Something hard pushing up the skin or through it.

The shortening of a broken bone shown in picture B above happens because your bones are connected to muscles. When a bone snaps, the two ends are pulled past each other by the muscles still attached causing shortening.

When you break a bone your body sends you pain messages to force you to rest the broken bone so it can heal without interference. You should listen to your body.

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