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Broken Finger Signs

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Broken Finger Signs

  • Tenderness along the broken finger.
  • Soreness when you move the broken finger.
  • Cracking or gritty sensation moving the finger.
  • Swelling above the fractured finger.
  • Bruising on top of the fractured finger.
  • A hard lump tenting the skin over the break in the finger.

Broken fingers around the home are most often caused from anger e.g. punching a wall, friend or foe; or jamming a finger in a door or catching it in a car door; or missing a ball which flicks the tip of the finger.

Broken Finger Treatment

Fingers are too dextrous and important to you to recommend home treatment without an xray. After xray, simple unmoved fractures can be treated by rest in a finger splint for 4-6 weeks followed by finger strengthening exercises. Displaced fractures or breaks through a finger joint need an orthopedic consult with treatment ranging from splints and casts, to surgical wiring, pinning or plating.

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