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How long it takes for Broken Bones / Fractures to Heal

The following is a rough estimate to how long it will take for your poor broken bone to heal in a cast. Remember that if you smoke or drink alcohol heavy, or required surgical correction, these times may be longer.

Bone Broken
Time for it to Heal
Collar bone (clavicle)
3-8 weeks
Shoulder blade (scapula)
6 weeks
4 weeks
Upper arm (humerus)
4-10 weeks
Lower arm (radius,ulna)
6 weeks
4-12 weeks
4-6 weeks
4 - 6 weeks
Upper leg (femur)
12 weeks
Knee (patella)
4-6 weeks
Lower leg (tibia,fibula)
10-24 weeks
6 weeks
3 - 12 weeks
3 weeks

Legs take so long to heal because they have to support the full weight of your body so they need to be pretty sturdy before you can start using 'em.

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