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Itchy Plaster Cast Remedy

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There's nothing worse than an ITCHY CAST you can't take off!

But here's some things you can try to Remedy the Itch

  • Remember never to wet your cast.
  • Raise the leg or arm up for an hour to reduce swelling inside the cast.
  • Try an oral antihistamine from your Pharmacist.
  • Don't use anything to reach down into your cast and scratch with that can abrade your skin - these micro-cuts will make the itching worse. This can also push down the protective layers under the cast putting you at risk of being cut when the cast is removed.
  • For fibreglass casts applying a vibratory massage machine to the area works very well - but this is not to be done with plaster casts as it will shatter them.
  • Pour some baby powder between the cast and your itchy skin.
  • If you really can't stand it, go back to your doctor and let them take off and put on a new cast.

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