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Eye Injury Poked

EYE INJURY can range from mild scratches and grit to severe accidents which lead to blindness.

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Common home eye injuries range from dust blowing into the eye, contact lens corneal abrasion, household chemicals splashing into the eye, and pokes with twigs and branches.

Eye Injury Poked Symptoms

  • Eye watering. This is your eye trying to wash out the insult.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Burning or stinging.
  • Eye redness.
  • Gritty sensation when you blink.

Eye Injury Poked Treatment

  • Flush your eye with water. Wash your hands quickly. Then catch water in the cup of your hand. Tilt your head so your affected eye is slightly uppermost, then pour or gently splash the water over the eye.
  • For chemical eye injuries like household cleaners, continue washing out your eye for 3-5 minute. Most home eye injuries are simple close calls. If after 5 minutes your eye continues to hurt or your vision is affected, have a doctor look at it the same day.
  • For contact lenses, remove them from both eyes. Discard. Do not use for a week. And resume with a fresh pair.
  • If your eye feels as if something is still stuck in it, put on a homemade patch to stop your eye from blinking and see your doctor for an eye exam.

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