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Computer Eye Strain

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Computer Eye Strain Cause

Computer eye strain is caused by looking at your monitor for too long without an eye break. Eyes use muscles to move around and focus. These muscles fatigue like any other overused muscle in the body. Eye strain (asthenopia) happens more often as we age.

Computer Eye Strain Symptoms

  • Tired achy eyes.
  • Red eyes.
  • Eye tension frontal headaches.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Flashbacks.

Computer Eye Strain Treatment

  • Take a break every 30-60 minutes for a couple minutes and change your focus by looking out into the distance. When you sit back down at your computer change your distance from the monitor. This relaxes the eye muscles reducing computer eye strain.
  • >For older cathode ray computer monitors, try a screen glare guard, and change the refresh rate to 70hz or above to reduce flicker.
  • Increase the font size on your computer monitor to make focus easier.
  • Get your eyes checked once a year by an optician. Blurred vision is a normal part of getting older but can lead to eye strain. You may need computer eye glasses.
  • Check the lighting in your home. Maybe it's too dull for reading. Read under good lighting or add a backlight behind your computer screen to lower the contrast.

Doctor Secrets! "If your eyes feel strained right now maybe you need to take a rest from your computer and reading until tomorrow. We'll still be here :)"

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