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Glaucoma Eyes

Glaucoma Eyes Cause

Glaucoma of the Eyes is caused by increased fluid pressure in your eye.

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To keep their shape, your eyes are filled with a clear fluid like an egg. To prevent infection this eye fluid is changed regularly. It is secreted deep by your eyes, washes over your lenses and then flows back out of your eyes through tiny channels located by your iris.

In eye glaucoma this input output balance is lost. With age breakdown of some outlet channels prevents fluid from escaping as fast as more is added. This excess increases the eyeball's pressure making the eye hard, and painful. With enough pressure the nerves of the eye die causing blindness.

Glaucoma Eyes Symptoms

  • Very painful red eyeball.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Haloes around lights at night.
  • Tunnel vision.
  • Peripheral vision loss.

Glaucoma often leads to painless vision loss similar to your blind spot enlarging.

Glaucoma Eyes Test

Your doctor may feel the pressure of your eye with his/her fingers for a rough guesstimate of your eye pressure and look at the back of your eye for retinal changes associated with too much pressure. Accurate eye pressures readings are done with an optometry tool called a tonometer. To test for field vision loss perimetry testing of your non central vision is checked.

Glaucoma Eyes Home Test

The Spaeth test is a simple home check for glaucoma loss of vision using your TV. Turn it on to an empty 'snow' channel and sit a foot or two away. Now close one eye and with the open one see if you can see all of the television. Now repeat on the other side. If you found part of the TV disappeared in either eye you need to 'see' your eye doctor.

Glaucoma Eyes Treatment

Eye glaucoma is treated by reducing the pressure your affected eye. This is done through eye drops that either force your pupil to narrow opening up drainage space around eye, or eye drops that lower production of eye fluid.

If these treatment methods fail, then eye surgery is needed. Artificial drainage is forced through a window cut at 12 o'clock position through the iris. This treatment allows free flow of eye fluid and it's escape. Or this can be done by later trabeculoplasty which punches holes selectively in the iris.

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