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Baby Thrush

The cause of BABY THRUSH is the same as in adult vaginal and oral yeast infections - Candida albicans. It is common in babies and looks like white furry patches that don't scrape off in the baby's mouth and on its tongue.

The yeast sets up camp where there are microscopic cuts in the baby's mouth from sucking. Pacifiers and prolonged bottle feeding make this more common.

Treatment of baby thrush is a three to four day course of topical antifungal cream wiped onto the affected areas three to four times a day and left for at least half an hour prior to feeding. This treatment is also applied to the nipples in breastfeeding mothers as microscopic abrasions also appear from sucking the nipples and these cracks get infected with the yeast making the mothers breasts sore. For bottle fed babies, ensure that all nipples are hot water washed before reuse.

(See also diaper rash)

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