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What Causes Miscarriages

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What Causes Miscarriages is your baby / fetus exiting the womb before it is mature enough to survive.

In the picture above: 1 is the fetus comfortably living in the womb; 2 is the womb - uterus; and 3 is the exit to the uterus called the cervix. Any abnormality with 1, 2, or 3 can cause a miscarriage. Problems with the fetus that cause miscarriage are usually genetic abnormalities or malformations. Problems with the womb that can cause miscarriage can range from abnormal shapes causing unstable implantation, or abnormalities in function. Think of it like a new plant trying to get a foothold in the soil - not every seed succeeds.

What Causes Miscarriages Symptoms

  • Cramps that feel like period pains.
  • Seeing clots and fleshy material expressed from the vagina.
  • Feeling dizzy or faint.

What Causes Miscarriages Signs

  • Vaginal bleeding with a positive pregnancy test
  • Dilation of the cervix on speculum exam
  • Lower abdominal tenderness

What Causes Miscarriages Types

  • Threatened Miscarriage -- This is caused by the fetus still in the uterus but has begun to show signs of early detachment like vaginal spotting.
  • Incomplete Miscarriage -- This is caused by fetus falling out but leaving behind some belongings like early placenta membranes.
  • Complete Miscarriage -- This is caused by all of the fetus and its allied tissues exiting.
  • Missed Miscarriage -- This is caused by the fetus dying in the uterus without being expelled.

What Happens After a Miscarriage

The first step is an ultrasound. A complete spontaneous miscarriage needs no treatment. If fetal material remains and is nonviable ie. no heartbeat, a 'womb scrape' - dilatation and curretage - is done to clean the uterus for future pregnancies. If the pregnancy is threatened ie. bleeding with fetal heart activity rest and repeat ultrasounds are prescribed to follow fetal development.

Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Most miscarriages cause no further issues towards future pregnancy. But its generally recommended to wait 3 period cycles before trying for another pregnancy to give your body a chance to settle and overcome the grief reaction.

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