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Signs of Labor

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Signs of labor can be confusing to first time moms. After 18 weeks of pregnancy "rehearsal" contractions - Braxton Hicks - by the uterus occur. These are mild in intensity and ineffectual and bear no relation to real labor which is an organized series of contractions of the womb muscles in an effort to deliver out your baby.

Signs of Labor

  • Painful labor cramps getting progressively worse and more often. Your doctor will ask how often and for how long so time them. Every 3 to 5 minutes for a minute means you're in labor.
  • Passing a lightly bloody mucus plug.
  • Feeling a gush of amniotic fluid - the supportive fluid which surrounds your baby.
  • Pressure in your bottom which makes you feel like pushing.

If you experience these signs of labor your baby is on the way and you should be on the way to your hospital labor suite. Congratulations :)

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