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Baby Diaper Rash

BABY DIAPER RASH is caused by irritation of the skin of the nappy area.

baby diaper rash picture

Baby diaper rash is caused by not changing diapers often enough. Some of the chemicals in urine touching skin long enough become irritating and lead to a red diaper rash with peeling angry looking skin.

Picture of a baby diaper rash: diaper rash

The moisture that collects also makes a nice living area for yeast infections which look like many red rings with normal skin in the center.

Treatment of baby diaper rash is to keep the nappy area dry by regular changing, using more absorbent gel diapers, or allowing your baby to crawl around for periods au naturale - i.e. naked. Also zinc poweders to the affected areas are soothing but if yeast infection is there, a cream with antifungal properties applied twice a day is also needed.

Baby wipes and soaps are also no-no's when cleaning the nappy area of your baby with a diaper rash. The chemicals in these two make the sore skin worse. Use plain cool water for bathing instead.

Believe it or not, breastfeeding your baby has been found to lower how bad and often your baby gets diaper rash. And don't rinse cloth diapers with fabric softener as it makes them less absorbent.

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