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Pin Worm - Tape Worm - Thread Worm - Whip Worm - Hook Worm

Believe it or not, worms can live inside of you! Not your garden variety of worm, but close relatives. These worms live in your intestines / gut, and when you eat they eat by stealing some of the food you digest. The hook worm takes things further by actually painlessly biting into the lining of your gut and sucking blood to fatten itself.

worm picture

These parasite worms are picked up in different ways. Some seep through exposed skin like bare feet on soil and others you eat from rare/ raw meats.

Symptoms of pin, tape, thread, whip and hook worms are:

  • Hives/ Urticaria
  • Itchy nose and bottom
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pains

Very severe infections can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, and fall in blood count from worms hijacking your meals for themselves.

Worms can be suspected from the above symptoms especially chronic buttocks and nose itch in a town where worm infections are known to occur. Your doctor can identify whether and which worm is responsible by taking a sample of stool from you and sending this to a lab to look at under a microscope.

Treatment of pin, tape, thread, whip, and hook worms is quite simple - worm medicine! A one to three day course of tablet or liquid wormicide paralyzes the worms and they pass out in your next stool.

Picture of a Gut Worm: pin tape hook worm picture

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