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Suicide Prevention

SUICIDE is CAUSED by the inability of an individual to cope with their living circumstances.

Parasuicide is an attempt to get attention through the act of suicide without really wanting to die - common in females after broken relationships.

Suicide is statistically more successful (i.e. ends in death), if a person is male, lives alone, is unemployed, suffering from a mental or painful physical ailment, a drug or alcohol abuser, and if a violent choice of death is chosen.

Persons who commit suicide feel "stressed", disconnected from their world, misunderstood, and believe there is no hope of their life improving. They are often also depressed until they decide to kill themselves when they can become ironically happy as they make preparations to end their life.

The more violent the method chosen e.g. gunshot, the higher the chance they will succeed as it is more difficult when found for emergency services to keep them alive.

After a suicide attempt, the individual needs to be monitored in a hospital to prevent them harming themselves and to be medicated with antidepressants/sedatives. When the attending psychiatrist assesses that they are ready to return home they are discharged with periodic follow up at a mental health clinic.

If you suspect that someone may be a suicide risk you should recommend that they see a doctor and go with them - usually they will not go on their own. Your just talking with them is not enough to correct their mental outlook. They need to be seen by a health care professional.

The good news is that the majority of persons saved from suicide continue on to lead productive lives.

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