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Painless Tattoos

Painless tattoos can be done with some planning. The cause of tattoo pain is the vibrating needle used to stick ink into your skin. This device oscillates at speeds of up 3000 times per minute making many microscopic punctures and depositing ink. Because of the breaks in your skin, your tattoo can also feel sore for few days after completion.

Painless Tattoo Steps

  • Choose the site of your tattoo carefully. Some areas of your body are more sensitive than others.
  • Use a topical numbing cream. These "freezing" creams have the same anesthetic like that used to numb gums by dentists. Applied in advance of your tattoo appointment you can easily feign being tough.
  • Take along an iPod or other music device to distract yourself during the artwork.
  • After your tattoo take an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen or advil to reduce skin soreness.
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Using a Homunculus to Choose a Painless Tattoo Site

This weird looking caricature shows how sensitive your brain is to pain at different areas of your body. The bigger areas like your lips and hands represented here are the most sensitive. You can use this body map to choose areas of low pain sensitivity like your back, shoulders and chest.



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